Welcome to Empire Properties: A NYC Commercial & Residential Real Estate Broker

We are a team of veteran NYC real estate professionals here to assist you. We offer you undivided loyalty and expert representation. We are ready and able to provide solutions for all of your real estate needs. We are integral members of our neighborhoods and business communities. Our networks are extensive and are at your disposal. We offer both residential and commercial real estate services. We are experts in both fields. On an average we have access to over 8,800 NYC apartment listings and 16,000 NYC office space and NYC retail space listings. As New York City is the capitol of the World we understand that many of our clients may be foreign buyer's and tenant's. We offer a suite of services designed specificaly to ensure International buyer's and tenants  experience the most advantageous and effortless purchase or lease. Our goal is to be the constant forerunner in NYC real estate marketplace knowledge. Remember - By the time the herd is running the deal is gone. Our job is to get you there first and that is exactly what we do.

Leasing NYC Office Space & NYC Retail Space

Empire Properties Commercial Division is a tenant representative and buyer's broker. Our services are offered exclusively to commercial tenants and buyers. We do not represent landlords. We specialize in providing and assisting businesses with NYC office space and NYC retail space solutions. However, Empire Properties is here to assist you with all elements concerning commercial real estate. We are a commercial real estate problem solver. Whether you are seeking assistance to: acquire new space, expand, renew a lease, sub-lease, learn current pricing, maintian landlord tenant relations, conduct a lease audit or enact a disposition or acquisition Empire Properties is here to offer you our expertise. In case you didn't know, there is never a fee for 95% of the work we provide for you. As per NYS law our services are all paid for by the landlord. 

Discover more about Empire Properties commercial division and how we can help you: locate your ideal NYC office space, NYC educational space, NYC professional loft space, NYC medical space, NYC retail space, help you negotiate the best lease agreement for that space and then ensure that you have the best tenant experience throughout the term of your lease....Read more  OR  Contact Our Commercial Division